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Molecular Modelling in Organic Chemistry
Advanced Organic Chemistry Techniques Laboratory
Pericyclic Reactions
Molecular Informatics Course
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I have had prime responsiblity over the last 20 years for the introduction of a number of computational and chemo-informatics techniques into taught courses and experimental laboratories in the three-year B.Sc., the four-year M.Sci. programmes and the graduate school at Imperial College. This has included the establishment and continual enhancement of a pervasive Information Technology infrastructure throughout the department, and the strategy for networking, hardware and software configuration of clusters of Macintosh, Windows 2000, Linux and Silicon Graphics Many of these implementations anticipate the recommendations of the recent Dearing Committee report on Higher Education in the UK.

Since 1982, I have introduced a number of on-line search facilities into the department, and have helped train graduate students and faculty in their use. These include CSciFinder, the Cambridge structural database, Beilstein Crossfire and various electronic journal services. Since 1993, I have introduced the World-Wide Web system into the department, acting as the Webmaster, and have trained faculty, graduate and undergraduate students in content generation for the system. I was also a founding member of the "Molecules-of-the-Month" Web project, which now has contributors from a number of UK and other universities, and the Chemistry Webmasters meetings which served as collaborative national forums for dissemination.

H. S. Rzepa, 2001.